TODAY I AM WEARING A MINI 22" CRINKLE CREPE MINI MADE FROM MY COLLAGE SERIES OF SOME OF MY FAVORITE ACCESSORIES. THERE'S A CHANEL LOGO WHICH CAME FROM A VINTAGE BACKPACK THAT I OWN AND PHOTOGRAPHED... Much of my art work are of things that are dear to me- inspiration from my love of Fashion, Art and Nature. I Hope you will enjoy the work that I have created here. I have a love of Color, and like most New Yorkers tend to wear alot of Black..this is a great way of incorporating color into my wardrobe. Please Visit the entire store and if you have any suggestions..I would love to hear from you. Thank you for visiting the site. Just remember Fashion Comes and Goes, but Style is Eternal...FIND YOUR STYLE...

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Created by Eileen Lerner wearable art

Its Spring but the weather still is chilly Our Feature Product is FLUIDITY OF SPIRIT that will last for all seasons...this is a Handmade Scarf of Underwater Flowers. It is delicately fringed all around and it is 50/50. Cashmere/Silk.  Please check out the other designs. Available In 100%  Cashmere and Cashmere and Silk. When not wearing use as a home decor throw. They are for all seasons. These are special designs. 

Fluidity of Spirit
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  • Fluidity of Spirit
  • Cashmere/Silk 50-50
  • Eyelash Fringe all around
  • For All Seasons
  • Playful and Unique Wearable Art
  • An open scarf will reveal the artwork worn it is a swirl of different shapes and colors. Giving many options of style.
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