Photo Credit ©2017 Ed Elliot hit this bold name to linkto more of his beautiful work

Photo Credit ©2017 Ed Elliot hit this bold name to linkto more of his beautiful work



Hi, Welcome to Fashionrabbitnyc!  I am excited to introduce my new line of Handcrafted Wearable Art and Designs. There are a variety of different Scarves, Pocket Squares, and Art. As a photographer and designer living in NYC, my art has been worn, exhibited, sold and collected privately and commercially. My career encompasses working in Fashion, Advertising, Photography, and Travel.

Fashionrabbitnyc designs are very personal. Some of the constant motifs and symbolism that are recurrent in my work stem from my love of Nature, Travel, Water,  Architecture and the Feminine Form. 

When applied to my textiles and art, the additional layering pushes the 3D effect further, and creates dreamlike and surreal designs. My designs are signed, limited editions, all with a unique hand finish. 

Inspiration for me comes from many great artists, in many fields. Some the greats like: Matisse, Mozart, Ninn, Thoreau, Blake, Miller, O'Keeffe, Penn, Avedon, ManRay, Rodin, Colette, etc. 

Painting, photography, literature and music all provide the inspiration I need in my work. Studying many of these masters since childhood. A broad range to choose from… however, I am drawn to the side of POP Surrealism.

My closet is a Sea of Black… so color provides an added extension to my wardrobe. One of my passions is traveling, and the scarf's versatility is one of it's greatest assets. Pack a few and round the globe…or on a local trip. A great way to have fun with color, brightening your day, or night. It can transform an outfit, as well as a room.

Place it on a chair, hang it on the wall, wear it as a wrap, tie it on the neck, wrap around a hat, bag, wrist, or wear it as a hair accessory.  At a resort or city, wear it as a chic sarong over a simple black slip dress, and wow the room by showing the visible art!  There are a many ways to tie it on. The size and shape of the scarf will give you a million creative idea. Or, just simply let the colors swirl around your neck, and know that you are wearing a secret work of art!

Fashion comes and goes… Style is Forever!   -  Eileen Lerner

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