The Set

         The Set

RIDING IN THE CAR, with coffee and my husband..on the way to the beach, I was listening to Sirius Radio, and one of my favorite interviewers, Howard Stern, was interviewing one of my favorite comedians, Jerry Seinfeld. The show was hilarious..but also fashion (In)formative.“Why does Jerry Seinfeld tie his look together with a sports jacket?”

In every monologue he is wearing one. His response, “It is my set,

I wouldn’t be funny without it. George Carlin wouldn’t work in a tie dye shirt either.”  The banter and pearls of wisdom didn’t end there. In fact we were bummed that we got to the beach too early to hear the full interview-it was that good, that we drove around the parking lot and sat there for a while longer, until we both looked at the waves - So naturally we had to get back to it later!  Working in the fashion, and photography/film world we all know of stylists and the fabulous crews that work on putting everything together…but ultimately it comes down to the personality, and individual style. Throw in a bit of juxtaposition and you might just have something “Special.” Enough to make ordinary-extroadinary!

Who knows when my favorite Comedians will sport my pocket squares



Check out the talk on Howard Stern with Jerry Seinfeld..there are so many fantastic moments…about casting for the show, back to the 80/90’s- friendship, trust, and of course Robin Quivers, Chris Rock, Will & Grace, Dave Chappell

Just listen to it…pearls.